About us

Our core purpose is to educate, inspire and empower our clients to live their ideal lifestyle by helping them reach financial independence.

We are here to make your money work harder and help you to make better financial decisions. This is why we exist.

We understand every client has their unique hopes, dreams and fears and for 30 years, we’ve built our reputation on successfully helping our clients pursue their life goals. Whether advising business owners, families or investors, we have a great track record of managing money and helping our clients achieve their objectives. 

We do this by always putting you at the heart of what we do. We take the time to listen and understand what matters most to you and take away the confusion that having money can bring. We have been there for our clients, planning their good times, and sadly, in their bad, making sure when a loved one is no longer with them that their finances move seamlessly to the survivors bringing continuity to their planning.

Our promise to you is straightforward: we are unrelentingly loyal and our empathetic approach means we will treat you like family at all times, protecting and securing your wealth legacy for future generations.

It’s this level of personal care and service we pride ourselves on and the reason so many of our clients recommend us to their family and friends. 

Here are the team who make it happen.

Meet the team

Andrew Arthur

Chief Financial Adviser and Managing Director

Andy is the founder of the company and holds the Diploma in Financial Planning (Dip PFS) and is a Member of the Personal Finance Society.

He has in just under 40 years experience of advising clients and lives to educate, inspire and empower his clients to make the right decisions for their future.

His main purpose is to help and educate clients’ so that they can fully understand their financial position and the investments they have. This helps them achieve their goals – no matter what they are – as everyone’s goals and priorities are different. It is with all of this knowledge and insight into what customers want and need that Andy aims to continue to develop the company so that it can maintain direct authorisation status and continue to care for the welfare of its clients.

For Andy, one of the best things about his job is helping people. It’s always a real feel-good moment for both parties when plans come together and everyone is happy.

Fun Fact? Andy is a huge Middlesbrough FC fan! He doesn’t come from there and has never lived in the town, which some may think is a little strange, but nevertheless he has been a loyal supporter since age 11 and will never change!

Andrew Grassick

Financial Adviser

Andrew has worked in the financial services sector for over 25 years, and holds the Diploma in Financial Planning (Dip PFS) and is a Member of the Personal Finance Society.

Andrew has been with Rosemount for over 11 years and has built many happy, long-term relationships with clients in that time. This is particularly important due to his experience of managing investment portfolios and clients increasingly developing their appetite for risk.

Andrew spends the majority of his time advising older clients on pensions and investments in the period leading up to, and into, retirement however he also works with younger individuals and businesses on various types of protection.

His work enjoyment comes from helping his clients to plan and implement their investment or retirement strategies, always ensuring their money is invested perfectly inline with their risk profile. Andrew loves working with long-term clients to help them fulfil their dreams, be that repaying their mortgage early, buying a holiday home or whatever else that may be.

Fun Fact? Andrew is a Munro Bagger! In simple terms, he loves mountain climbing. He has bagged (climbed) over 100 Munros (Scottish mountains over 3,000 ft (914.4m)) and at weekends is often found wondering over the foothills of Essex.

Gemma Britten

Operations Manager

Gemma has been with Rosemount since May 2017 and brought with her a wealth of experience of working with high net worth individuals, international private clients and business owners. 

Gemma is the driving force behind seamless business operations and regulatory compliance. She is responsible for overseeing and developing the general functions of the firm, which includes leading on the implementation of initiatives to enhance our processes and procedures, heading compliance and regulatory reporting requirements, Technology, HR and supervising our Financial Planners.

A key part of her role is supporting Andy on helping to manage the business and the wider team so that all clients receive a positive and satisfying experience. Gemma’s passion is overseeing the smooth running of Rosemount as this results in not only happy clients, but happy employees too.

Andrew Gunn

Financial Planning Administrator

Andrew joined us in February 2016, having previously worked at the City of London for Stockbrokers, Global Custody divisions of Investment Banks including HSBC and Pershing (part of Bank of New York) as well as Reliance Mutual.

As part of his role, Andrew contributes to the processing of new business cases for all product types along with working on submissions of investment instructions to providers for purchases, fund switches and sales to facilitate withdrawals.

Andrew enjoys helping clients by answering any queries and identifying any potential issues before they actually become problems; minimising risk and error before it happens.

Megan Brown

Financial Planning Administrator

Megan joined us in May 2017 from another IFA firm in the city. She is responsible for researching our investment portfolios and helping clients make more informed decisions.

As part of her role she specialises in creating cash flow forecasts for clients to help them understand their income and expenditure and how their current savings and lifestyle will affect their money during retirement. Megan sees as crucial in the life planning process.

She loves knowing that the work and research she undertakes will ultimately help clients not only understand their circumstances better, but also achieve their goals for retirement.

Marcelle Hack


In her role as Receptionist, Marcelle is often the first person our clients’ meet. Whether face to face, or on the phone, making clients’ feel welcome and relaxed, is the part she enjoys most.

Fun fact? Marcelle is 71 and has no plans to give up work just yet as she loves it too much. She also loves to up-cycle furniture in her spare time.

Wendy Lammin

Financial Planning Administrator

Wendy joined us in June 2023 as a Financial Planning Administrator to support the Director Andrew Arthur.

She has worked in the Financial Services industry for over 20 years, primarily in private banking with high net worth individuals and brings a strong level of skills and knowledge to the team.

Wendy is very passionate about helping clients and loves knowing that the work and research she undertakes will help them better understand their financial goals.

Daniela Bunea


Joanne Caruana

Finance and Accounts

Lawrence Berman

Research & Investment Specialist

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